Product information


What is EMF radiation and why should I be worried about it?


There are two types of radiation pregnant women should be concerned about.

1.) Ionizing radiation – caused by exposure to X-ray machines.

2.) Non-ionizing radiation or Electric & Magnetic Fields radiation (EMFs) – potentially caused by exposure to appliances such as smart phones,
tablets, TVs and Microwaves. Current public concern focuses on the possible long-term health effects caused by exposure to EMF radiation at
various levels, even those as acute as our mobile phones. The Tummy Halo was created to shield EMF radiation from the potentially chronic or
occupational exposure caused by the usage of phones and tablets.

How do we know that the Tummy Halo actually blocks radiation?

Our EMF blocking material and product has been tested and verified by NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia. This is what they said…
We also test each and every product with our own, very expensive and flashy, radiation detectors.

Are there different sizes, my friend is carrying her baby very differently than I am?

Baby Assured has tested our product on a multitude of women of varying statures, shapes, weights and stages of pregnancy. We’ve analysed all of our
findings, used algorithms and made a ‘one size fits all’ – for women (and daddy’s gaining that pregnancy weight, too 😉)